Holiday Hook - 3oz Glitter Roll
Holiday Hook - 3oz Glitter Roll

Holiday Hook - 3oz Glitter Roll

Land of Dough

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Indulge your sweet tooth with Holiday Hook glitter dough roll! The festive candy canes will put you in the holiday spirit. Twist, twirl, and craft your way into a world of holiday cheer!

Dough on-the-go! Untwist these adorable Land of Dough® Glitter Rolls to open creativity anywhere. Replace the dough in the bag to squish, smash, and sculpt again and again!

Land of Dough® helps build imaginations and strengthen social skills through a fabulous tactile play experience with vibrantly colored dough inspired by classic themes and magical places that all kids will love.

Land of Dough® is made of all-natural dough and colors, compostable glitters, and calming essential oils in eco-friendly packaging. Dough can air dry for keeping sculptures or refreshed for continued play with a damp paper towel and covered with a lid.

  • Colors: White, Light Pink, and Pink with Compostable Glitter 
  • Mix Down: Peppermint Pink